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Tutorial - Shinning Tunnel

How to create an effect like my Tunnel Slide

So, you want to make a shining tunnel? Here's how:



First, create a doughnut (torus) and enlarge it.



Rotate it a little along the X axis. This step is optional, but it makes the tunnel look better.



This is the most important step! Click the little to enter the material editor. Then type in the values shown to the left. You could also experiment with other high-reflective metals. You just have to make sure its extremely reflective or it won't work.



Create 8 radial (circular) lights and place the all inside the torus like the picture. (Note: I've changed the families of the lights as to make them easier to see). It also might be wise to select all the lights, group them, then select show as box (Click , then select "Show As Box" from the General tab). If you would like to see the values that I set my lights at, click here.



Place the camera in the position shown to the left. If you would like to see a zoomed-out picture, click here.



Render it and you should see something similar to the picture (click on it to view the full image).



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